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Accessing 64-bit Registry with 32-bit Installer

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  • Accessing 64-bit Registry with 32-bit Installer

    I finally figured out why I was having a big problem in the installer, namely that the Registry access functions on 64-bit computers are redirected, so for instance HKLM\Software\Vendor is really accessing HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Vendor. Because I needed to access another vendor's registry keys, and they were in the real 64-bit registry, this was a problem.

    I know there is a 3rd party plugin (Wow64) I can use to access the real 64-bit registry (the stuff really under HKLM\Software\Vendor). So I can now solve the problem, using that.

    However, I have two strong suggestions:

    1. Explain this in all Help topics about the Registry in SetupFactory. The fact that it's not there caused me to waste a large amount of time figuring it out.

    2. It would be wonderful if you could support what Wow64 does natively in SetupFactory - I'm sure it's not difficult.

    Thank you.
    Dan Cooperstock inf[email protected]

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    I have submitted your suggestions, so they may be considered for a future update.