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Updating from TrueUpdate 3.5 to 3.8

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  • Updating from TrueUpdate 3.5 to 3.8

    My question is, if we are on version 3.5 and update to 3.8 then does this mean that we will have version 3.5 of the server script (already installed on machines) pulling down version 3.8 client scripts? Is there backwards compatibility to allow this? Or will the update somehow update the server script also?

    Extra Info:

    We use TrueUpdate to install and update software across a large number of different platforms and OS's.

    The version we are using currently is 3.5 and we want to update to 3.8 to avail of fixes for Windows 10.

    I have some knowledge of how the whole system works in terms of server and client scripts.

    If we need to make a change, the client script is edited, built, and then using the executable already installed on the machines (my limited knowledge assumes this is an executable of the server script that was deployed to all machines previously?) we pull down the latest client script and it runs the logic.

    Would it be advisable to just update to 3.8? Also can this be installed alongside 3.5 in a seperate directory?


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    When you update the TrueUpdate client, the current client will download the new executable, and the corresponding *.dat file, and then restart. The 3.8 executable will not work with the 3.5 *.dat file and vice-versa.

    Please read this for a full explanation.