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Multiple TrueUpdate Servers - what's the server location

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  • Multiple TrueUpdate Servers - what's the server location

    I've tried several different ways but can't seem to get the "Location" of the TrueUpdate Servers that was entered into Project Settings in either the Client or the Server scripts.
    Is there a way to do this? I'm really trying not to have to enter this information twice - once in the Project Settings and again in a script.
    I've got a large number of entries (around 50 or so) and having trouble keeping the two lists in sync

    It seems odd that although the TrueUpdate servers are a table made of Name, Location and Type but the TrueUpdate.GetUpdateServerList() only returns a list of the server names.
    What makes this worse is the misleading comments in the script files (both Server script and the Download Server Script) that states:

    -- Capture the location of the TrueUpdate Server where we found the files
    g_SourceServer = tableTrueUpdateServers[index];

    but in fact this is NOT the location, but instead the server "Name" - so the comment should state "-- Capture the name of the TrueUpdate Server".

    It would be better, I think, that the TrueUpdate.GetUpdateServerList() actual return a table with all three elements - Name, Location and Type
    and then you could retrieve the location by using dot notation on the table i.e. tableTrueUpdateServers[index].Location
    and then only a single list of servers would have to be maintained.
    Doug Krawec

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    The TrueUpdate server is where the server configuration files are stored. There is no need to have 50 of them, most likely not even half a dozen. What you are doing, for some reason, sounds like overkill, or perhaps a misunderstanding how the TrueUpdate model works.

    There is no need in the script to expose the location into variables where the TrueUpdate files were downloaded from, because this location, and the place where you download any update files (setup, patch, zip, whatever) are unrelated by design. The list of TrueUpdate servers should be checked in the most efficient order - a local LAN location first, then locations on the internet. Once the update client files are current, the files required to update the software application can be downloaded from a completely unrelated source. And again, having "50 or so" download locations does not sound reasonable.

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