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TrueUpdateClient running in Windows system tray

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  • TrueUpdateClient running in Windows system tray

    Here is how I am trying to implement TrueUpdate.
    1. As soon as I install my application, TrueUpdateClient.exe should get installed so that it keeps on running in the Windows system tray.
    2. As soon as a new patch(update) is found, TrueUpdateClient.exe will give me a message to proceed with the update.
    3. TrueUpdateClient will download the patch(that is created with inno setup) and then launch it . During update process my patch will detect if the application is currently running and prompt for shutting it down before starting the update process.

    Please let me know if this is possible and how I can achieve this.


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    Hello, my comments to your questions:
    1. I suggest that you run the TrueUpdate client using the Task Scheduler. You can configure your project in such a manner that the application will stay in the system tray while checking for a new version, and then exits silently if there is no new release, or you can show a dialog once a new version is available. Your product installer would set up the task for running the TrueUpdate as a scheduled task, once a day, for example. Add code to create this task only once, so you do not have multiple tasks in case of a product reinstallation. Also, remove the task during uninstallation.
    2. This can be done easily with the project wizard. Make sure that you check the option "Don't show any interface unless an update is available" in the project wizard.
    3. Here, the project wizard will also give you a starting script. You will need to add code to look for your application and make sure that it is not running, before the code created by the wizard for running the downloaded file. You have several options here, like checking for a process name, or a window name - see System.EnumerateProcesses(), Window.EnumerateProcesses() and Window.EnumerateTitles() and their provided code samples. This code must be added manually.


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      Thank you for the help. I would need some time to try that out. Will get back to you if needed.