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How do you handle permissions for a LAN

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  • How do you handle permissions for a LAN

    How do you handle permissions for a LAN. I found that I’m getting errors when the update script tries to copy the server files from another server on the LAN rather than from the same system.
    In other words, when I have the server files .ts1, .ts2, .ts3 and .tsx on the same PC that I want to update, it worked. But when I put them on another PC on the LAN, I get file not found error.
    The other PC requires you to provide a username and password. Where do you input the username/password when you setup the update?

    When I setup the Update, the dialog box only asks for the folder path. I don’t see any where to enter the credentials.

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    If you manifest the TrueUpdate client to be run as administrator (the UAC dialog is shown at startup), then the mapped folder or network location must be reachable for the elevated account as well. Normally you can run the TrueUpdate with user privileges (and use all the existing network and shared folder access), requesting admin rights only when actually running the new installer or patch.
    The folder on the LAN must be available for the user running the TrueUpdate client (at user level or as admin), as there is currently no way to specify credentials for accessing the shared folder in the UI.