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  • Building in Azure Devops


    I have my updates building sucessfully in azure devops at the moment by using the command line.

    D:\a\1\s\AutoUpdate\TrueUpdate 3.0\TrueUpdate.exe /BUILD D:\a\1\s\AutoUpdate\Studio.tu2 /LOG:\a\1\s\AutoUpdate\bin\StudioAutoUpdateBuildLog.tx t /CONST:\a\1\s\AutoUpdate\buildConstants.ini /STDOUT

    But there is no logging appearing, I tried the /STDOUT switch but it is still silent. So i have a wrapper powershell that tests to see if the update binaries are present and if not throw and exception.
    At that point I have to download the artifacts to get the log text file to see what the error was.

    Has anyone else done this or are you managing to get logging into your build process in some other way?


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    I don't use Azure, but when I need to batch process a set of installers, I use Kinook's Visual Build. It has profiles for Setup Factory and MSI Factory (check out the "Installers" section in the left hand "Actions" pane in trhe screenshot below), but sadly not for TrueUpdate. This doesn't mean you can't use TrueUpdate, because you certainly can: Just use the the normal "Run Program" action and provide the desired command line parameters. Visual Build captures the output, allows to pause and rebuild in case of an error, etc.

    I use this to build the updater, and then the setup (which included the TrueUpdate client), in a single task. It works quite well.

    Click image for larger version

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      Cheers, its possible then, it must just be something I'm doing that is not working with my compile step. Do you have an example of your command line?

      I wonder if its because I'm also logging to file.


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        I used the default settings for this, see here:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	SCRN-2019-02-09-01.png
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        The important setting is where I placed the arrow - the tool reads the stdout stream and shows it in the log window. I also create a log file, but it is not used during the build process. I don't know your tool, but I think that somewhere you need to find the option to read from stdout.