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Any Way To Look At The Contents Of TrueUpdateClient.dat File?

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  • Any Way To Look At The Contents Of TrueUpdateClient.dat File?

    So, we're having a problem with our deploy. When I run TrueUpdateClient.exe it always seems to be pointed at production (I'm trying to point at QA). Even though I've removed every reference to the production server I could find.

    I'm guessing the .exe is looking at that TrueUpdateClient.dat file to get the target server? Is there a way to ***** open that .dat file and look around. If nothing else it would just confirm my suspicion.

    Daniel Carda

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    No, the contents of the content of the *.dat file cannot be easily retrieved, as the file is encrypted.

    It is unclear what exactly you are doing, but I assume that you took an existing project, and want to perform changes, while the updater is online. In this case, I recommend that you take the original project, rename the server file prefix to avoid conflicts and undesired updates of the clients in the field, and then perform the changes to the settings and scripts. Once everything was tested and is approved, then you can rename the server files prefix to the original name, and overwrite the *.ts files on the update server with the new releases, placing them in production.