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    As we're aware… FTP is certainly not secure and I was wondering if there is a way to use a built-in secure FTP or even explicit FTP over TLS connection with TrueUpdate?

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    You can find a FTPS plugin on my site.



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      Nice Site Ulrich. I installed the plugin, but it creates an explicit connection via a code string. Sorry, but I was looking for this to be in the "Upload" on the "Build Settings" tab.

      In programs like FileZilla it has an encryption setting called "Request explicit FTP over TLS. I was looking for this. Do you have anything like this or where and how would I use the plugin to substitute this?

      Thank you.


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        Just to make sure I understand your question - you want to use FTPS to upload the client from your computer to the remote server, during the publishing process?

        The plugin is for performing a secure transfer of files from a remote server to the customer's computer, as part of the update process (runtime). The plugin can perform explicit SSL (AUTH SSL/TLS) file transfer, just not as part of the publishing process.

        If you want to transfer the update client securely as part of the publish process, I am sure that you could use a command in the Post Build step and run CuteFTP or FileZilla with a couple of arguments (or use a batch file). You'll find this in the Build Settings of the IDE.
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          Yes, that's correct. I would like to have a secure session during the publishing process; when uploading the config file to my server. As for the Post Build command steps and run FileZilla; well, I don't know how to do that.



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            From what I just checked, CuteFTP (which is the FTP client I use for years) allows to run simple VBScript code for interacting with its "Transfer Engine", so it could be used to send the file(s) to the remote FTP server. I am not sure if and how you can control FileZilla from the command line, you would need to check the documentation.

            However, one other possibility is, as you already have my FTPS plugin downloaded and installed, building a small utility using it: Create a new project in TrueUpdate and add the plugin, and write the code for accepting command line arguments (or hardcode the FTP server connection data, credentials and the file to be transferred, if you prefer), and use this program for uploading the file(s) securely to your server in the "Post Build" step of your actual update client.



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              Wow...! Nice, creating a new project in TrueUpdate to act as the SFTP is a good idea. So that I'm not taking two days to figure this out. Can you suggests the process and or code snippet? Thanks.


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                It is not that hard, really. I have attached a quick sample, with no interface, just dialogs. This program requires an INI file with the connection parameters, and one command line parameter with the filename to upload. At the end, a message will be shown when the transfer is finished. The attached project and the plugin help HTML should be enough to get you started.

                Click image for larger version

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                This plugin is very simple. It does not have any means for showing progress while it is working, but this could be added eventually. The truth is that I really never got much feedback, and a single US$ 5 donation as a sign of appreciation, so it basically remains unchanged since I released it.



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                  Yes, I should be able to get started with this example code. Thank you very much Ulrich. After looking into your site more, I see that you have a lot of nice little programs that highlight your main applications. I do understand sincerely what you're saying about not getting feedback.

                  Although not a programmer by design; I'm a network engineer... I just like programming. I have written a couple of encryption programs that are professional, yet easy to use; The only way I get feedback as to what may not be working or if there is a small bug is to use the software myself. So that's what I do to improve on my software functionality and design. But as I can see, you have a lot of them and it might not be practical.

                  Anyway, I will support a couple of your software and give you feedback. :-)

                  Again, thank you for your help.