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Silence errors from plugins

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  • Silence errors from plugins

    We are using the Wow64 plugin in our TrueUpdate project, but sometimes (I have not been able to reproduce it), end users encounter the error "failed to load plugin" with the directory where the temporary files are downloaded to. Is it possible to just somehow silence any errors like that and just exit the update process if they happen? I think the error is probably triggered before the Client Script even runs, so I'm not sure what I can do.

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    I don't believe that you can do anything in this case, but you could ask your customer to temporarily disable the realtime, on-access virus scanner, which could be locking the downloaded/decompressed files while TrueUpdate is attempting to load them.



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      Take the plugin out the plugins folder and load it manually with Application.LoadActionPlugin then do a Application.GetLastError to test for failure.

      Uploading Wow64 to VirusTotal will give you an indication if the plugin is being wrongly checked but I use it a lot and never have any issues with it.


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        Thanks both! I think I will try the idea of loading it manually instead.