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    Hi all!

    I'm the producer of online games in Russia.

    We checked the convenience of using your software TrueUpdate for MMO games, and here is what I have to propose.
    1. Peer-to-peer protocol.
      As it is posted here:
      Originally posted by Ted Sullivan View Post
      TrueUpdate will function with any third-party server supporting any of the following protocols:
      • HTTP
      • HTTPS
      • FTP
      • LAN
      TrueUpdate does not have the option to download updates using any peer-to-peer protocol, i.e. Torrent protocol. It becomes very popular and effective to use such update methods, because it allows to reduce the load of update servers - there are too many players, and updates are big and often. It also will allow to easily add new update servers, which can be located anywhere - no DNS or configuration changes will be needed.

    2. SDK, as explained in details at [this topic].

    If you can realize these 2 functions in your TrueUpdate software - it, together with VisualPatch and SetupFactory, would become the best solution for most client online games.