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TrueUpdate 3.7 Update (v3.7.0.0) Released

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  • TrueUpdate 3.7 Update (v3.7.0.0) Released

    There is a new service release (v3.7.0.0) available today (September 10th) for TrueUpdate 3 containing new features and fixes. You can get the latest version by selecting Help > Check for Update from within the product, or by downloading the full install through your customer portal.

    This release contains the following features and bug fixes:
    • Feature: Updated TrueUpdate's design environment to support Windows 8.1.
    • Feature: Updated TrueUpdate's runtime manifests to support Windows 8.1.
    • Feature: Updated the 'System.GetOSName' action with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.
    • Feature: Added the global lua boolean variable "_UseSystemCharacterSet" that can be used to override the font script setting when using custom fonts on screens. This will make the update use the system's default character set instead.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug in the ListBox screen where e_Details.Index was returning an incorrect value from the On Ctrl Message screen event.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug in the "DlgScrollingText.AppendLine" action where setting "ScrollToEnd" to false would not function correctly.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where the List Box screen was not laying out the bottom text properly.
    • Fix: Fixed a redrawing issue with the Scrolling Text screen control on Windows 8.
    • Fix: Removed the default creation of the project and output folders when running TrueUpdate's design environment.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug in the 'DlgScrollingText.SetProperties' action where some settings may cause the control to disappear.
    • Fix: Updated the constants for the 'System.GetOSProductInfo' action.
    • Fix: Made it so that exported screens are saved in a "Screens" folder located in the all user profile of Application Data.