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Is there any current development for Visual Patch?

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  • Is there any current development for Visual Patch?

    It appears the last update to Visual Patch was 2.5 years ago. I know my maintenance $$$s provide me with good support, but I'm also hoping they provide me with continuous improvement. Is there any development happening? Is there a roadmap?



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    Visual Patch is a very mature product at this point. Other that updates for Windows OS compatibility going forward, the feature set is basically fixed. There simply isn't enough commercial demand for adding anything else. Likewise for TrueUpdate... The only recent suggestion that makes sense is automating the SHA-256 code signing like we do with Setup Factory. So, that will be looked at.
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      I would agree that VP is functional - mature ... not so much. However I understand the market demands and directions. Hopefully if demand dies completely you will consider open sourcing it so that those of us who rely on it can tweak it.


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        Hmm. Is there then a version that supports 64 bit installs? The trial version I just downloaded can't find my registry keys on windows 10.