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    Today (January 31, 2019) we have released a new version of Visual Patch (v3.8.2.0). You can get the latest version by selecting Help > Check for Update from within the product, or by downloading the full install through your customer portal (recommended method).

    This release contains the following features and bug fixes:
    • Feature: Added SHA-256 code signing support.
    • Feature: Added the ability to dual-sign patches (SHA-256 and SHA-1).
    • Feature: Added a password field for the code signing certificate(s).
    • Feature: Added a few items to the System.GetOSProductInfo action's constants.
    • Feature: Made it so a key file can identify an older version even if there is no corresponding file with the same name in a later version. This permits version detection to work when key files have different names across versions. You may now use a key file to identify a version even if that filename is not present in the latest version.
    • Change: Removed support for signing with signcode.exe, instead use signtool.exe.
    • Fix: Enabled GDI scaling on Windows 10 (1703) or later for Visual Patch's design environment. This improves how the interface looks in high dpi environments.
    • Fix: Fixed screen previews and the welcome dialog on Windows 10 (1703) or later when GDI scaling is enabled.
    • Fix: Fixed the order in which controls are drawn in the custom screen editor.
    • Fix: Fixed the Arrange tools in the custom screen editor so they work correctly. For example, choosing Arrange > Bring to Front now correctly brings the selected control to the front.
    • Fix: Fixed how controls are selected by left clicking in the custom screen editor. It is now possible to select a control when it is in front of another one, e.g. a radio button in front of a group box can now be selected. Clicking where controls overlap will select the control that is closest to the front (unless one of the controls is already selected).
    • Fix: Made it so clicking on a control that is in front of the selected control in the custom screen editor does not change which control is selected (unless you hold the Shift key while clicking). This is so you can interact with a control that is covered by another one. To select a different control that is above the currently selected control, first click somewhere else to deselect the current control. Alternatively, you can hold the Shift key to select the control that is closest to the front even if it's on top of another control that is already selected.
    • Fix: Made it so right-clicking on a selected control in the custom screen editor does not deselect the control. For example, you may now select a control with the drop-down menu and right-click on it to move it to the front, even if it is behind other controls.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where if a custom screen contained a GroupBox control, tabbing through the controls failed to work properly.
    • Fix: Fixed an issue where Visual Patch silent patches would fail on Windows Server OS's without a GUI due to the system file 'oledlg.dll' not being present. This fix only applies to silent patches. Patches with an interface still require that system component.
    • Fix: Made an attempt to prevent an occasional build error from occurring during the manifest injection step and final executable generation.
    • Fix: Made the Registry.GetValue action able to read REG_MULTI_SZ values containing null characters within it's data.
    • Fix: Fixed an issue where the File.Move action's "IncludeHiddenFiles" parameter default didn't match what was being used. It now uses the correct value from the prototype when not defined.
    • Fix: Addressed an issue in the File.Copy and File.Move actions where if the path contained erroneous backslashes in some locations, it would result in unpredictable file attributes being set. It may also result in the source folder being deleted in the File.Move action.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug in the 'File.Install', 'File.Copy' and 'File.Move' actions where if the source file and destination file were the same, the source file would be deleted.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where temporary font files were not be deleted from the patch's temp folder after the patch completes.
    • ix: Fixed a bug where registering/unregistering fonts could hang the patch on some systems.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug in 'IRScriptEditor.exe' where if you clicked on the keyword tooltip in the editor a crash would occur. Updated version to 2.0.1003.0.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where command line arguments starting with 'S' would cause the patch to be run silent if enabled.
    • Fix: Made a change to prevent errors that may occur due to anti-virus scanning when launching the patch.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where files within folder names starting with '.' would be skipped when adding folder trees of files to the project or using folder references which would cause them to be skipped during the build.
    • Fix: Changed the behavior of the design-time properties of the Edit control on Custom screens to make it clear that 'Multiline' is not supported for 'Password' input styles. The Password input style is only valid for single-line edit controls.
    • Fix: Changed references in Visual Patch from Windows Server 10 to Windows Server 2016.
    • Fix: Added an empty string check for the base folder path in the global function 'g_FillComboBoxWithShortcutFolders' in '_Global_Functions.lua'.