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  • Silent Uninstall Override

    I released an application using Setup Factory 9.5 where silent uninstall was not enabled. On the next update to that application, I enabled silent uninstall in Setup Factory and that works fine..

    I also used Visual Patch to patch the first version and that works fine as well. However, when I then attempt a silent uninstall of the patched version, the uninstall is always screen based and will not uninstall silently.

    I examined the uninstall.xml file and the silent uninstall setting is not obvious if it is there. I also diffed the uninstall.exe files between the two versions and found no difference.

    Is there a setting somewhere, e.g. in the uninstall.xml file of setup factory, that I can change to allow the silent uninstall to occur on a patched version?


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    You will need to patch the uninstall.dat file for this to work. This file holds the screens, scripts and the parameters of the uninstaller, so your patch would need to update or replace this file. Don't touch the uninstall XML file in your patch, because it holds the paths to the files to be removed - if you allow that the user sets the target folder for the installation, you shouldn't attempt to patch it as you cannot know the current content.



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      Thanks, that worked!