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Obtaining Project File Path at Build Time

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  • Obtaining Project File Path at Build Time

    Is there any way of passing the name and full path of the .vp2 file that's being built through to an external app via the Command Line arguments field in the Pre/Post Build tab of Build Settings?

    (I've tried using #PROJECTFILEDIR#, but this doesn't seem to be defined at that point)

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    #PROJECTFILEDIR# is defined, if you want to use it for a "Run Before Build" event, however that constant only holds the name of the folder, not the name of the current project file itself. If you want to pass the project name as a command line parameter, then you would need to define a Build Constant like #PROJECTFILENAME# and pass that, or add the project file name explicitly. As far as I know, there is no way to dynamically retrieve the currently loaded project file name, so the name may not match the parameter, if you rename the project file without updating the constant.



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      Thanks Ulrich.