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failed to initialize patch archive: error opening archive: (9) seek failed on unnamed

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  • failed to initialize patch archive: error opening archive: (9) seek failed on unnamed

    I received this error " patch engine error (13) - failed to initialize patch archive: error opening archive: (9) seek failed on unnamed" creating a patch on two different computers. I have searched the forum to find only one topic on the situation. I have disabled all running programs, placed all the files in one drive (C). I have reduced the patch size from 2.8 gb to 2.2 which should not make a difference since there is a 4 gig max. I have removed the "thumbs.db" from both files. I checked all the naming conventions, I have created 15 patches in the past for this program with no real issues (except mentioned). The builds always went well with no errors except when I initialize the patch. I have re-created the patch 6 times getting the same error. I have attached the build log (actually the site wont upload the file it only 307 kb)

    any help with this is appreciated

    Thanks in advance


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    To clarify - you get a runtime error, not a build error, when you attempt to use the patch created?
    Please zip the build log file and runtime log if you get one, and attach it here so I can have a look.



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      The site will not upload the file


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        Hello Ken,

        File upload / attachment is working perfectly well - I just verified that it works. You need to click the "Go Advanced" button when replying, and then use the "Manage Attachments" button to select and upload the file.

        Valid file extensions for uploads are: am4 am5 am6 am7 apt apz autoplay bmp btn det fla gif ico jpe jpeg jpg mp3 pdf png psd rar sf7 sf8 suf sufproj tu2 txt vp2 zip

        So while a *.log file may not be explicitly allowed (in case you tried to use this extension), *.txt or *.zip files certainly can be attached. If you are still unable to attach the file(s), please describe precisely what you are doing, and copy and paste the exact error message you are receiving.



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          Thanks Ulrich but I have done exactly that, there is no error message, the little icon in the top right corner continuously spins and won't upload the file, the file names are "Patch7_11-10-2014_22-42-35.txt""file size is 313kb" and I tried this file "no2_09-10-2014_18-50-36.txt" file size is 306kb" and this file "" "file size is 36.3 kb" I just tried again and still won't take the file. Would it be because I have other files in the system total exceeding 5 mb in size. if so, how would I go about removing those files? I waited for about 5 minutes each time and still nothing. the other day a left it uploading for approximately 20 minutes. So I am not sure what is going on.


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            Finally got the file to up load

            Here is the file
            Attached Files


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              It is possible that you are exceeding the allowed size for fully qualified paths, which is 250 characters. For example, you have a partial path in your patch named
              AutoPlay\Docs\GovFiles\WSH-Act-Reg-BulGuideLines5-21-13\4_Bulletins\107-bltn287 - Employer Responsibility for Protection of Gas Station Attendants.pdf
              That alone are 150 characters, and when the drive and installation folder is added in front you may be exceeding the path limitation of Windows.

              If you have the patch runtime log file, please attach it, as there could be more hints regarding the problem in it.

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                Thanks for looking Ulrich, the path file should not be larger then 250 I.E. "c:\Version65\SafetyFlashDrvResize.autoplay\CD_Roo t" for the program then the patch is "c:\patch65\Patch.exe"

                I will try that, it is close but has not exceeded the limit but maybe combined?

                There is no "patch runtime log file"

                FYI - It was Internet Explorer that would not up load the file


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                  The reason I think it has failed

                  That did not work (removing the file with 150+ caracters). I think it has something to do with AMS versions. The file with the long name has been involved with 3 previous patches. this error seems to have started after i updated AMS 8.1 to 8.2. (6.1 was done using AMS 8.1 and then 6.5 was created using AMS 8.2)

                  RE-CAP- The patch was created successfuly but when executed I recieved the runtime error"patch engine error (13) - failed to initialize patch archive".
                  I have now created the executable file for V6.5 and installed it no problems

                  I then created a V7 (for trial purposes using AMS8.2) changed some of the files in the program - created a patch from 6.5 to 7 with no problems and installed with no problems.
                  This is why I think it may be the AMS versions causing the issue

                  What are your thoughts (I also left the file with the 150 caracters in the program to verify that it had nothing to do with it)