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  • MySQL Database Connection

    Hi everybody!!!

    I need to connect AutoPlay to MySQL Database and I've been reading A LOT of articles without success.

    There's somebody to help on
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  • Any plans to update the SQLite Plugin from AMS8?

    Hi! I work on a new project and need to use a database to store some data. According to the helpfiles it should be possible to have multiple users connected to it at the same time. I just checked the Version and it says AMS uses 2.8.6 from 2003-08-21. Are there any plans to update it to a later version?...
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  • AmigAtari
    started a topic Database noob questions

    Database noob questions

    Hi, all. I am not new to programming, but I have never done anything with existing database solutions. While I have created and edited my own custom databases using methods such as tables via CSV or INI parsing, I think I am ready to step it up a notch or three.

    My current project will...
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  • webing
    started a topic SQL Express 2008 and the Database

    SQL Express 2008 and the Database

    Hello dear friends;
    I want to distribute a program written in C #.
    I wrote the program you are using SQL Server 2008 database. Automatically with setup factory 9 SQL 2008 Express installed and want to add a database
    I need your help about how to do.
    thank you very much.
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  • m2jalali
    started a topic sharing database

    sharing database

    i am using AutoPlay-Media-Studio-8.
    there is a database ,
    there is a table with 25,000 record in database .
    i want to share my database in local network.
    5 users uses my database synchronize.
    please guide me
    how can i code it?
    can i share my database...
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  • Need assistance with Get_Info?

    Hi, I am not sure of the correct terminology so I will simply explain what I am attempting to do

    I have a number of sales reps that sell our websites. What I would like to do is give our sales reps a personalized business card cd. The sales rep would then pass out their cd's to potential...
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  • dctech
    started a topic Guys I need Help

    Guys I need Help

    I want to create a database where it can store a passport size picture of a person and information of them. Sort of like a person application form. It must be able to update and stuff, for example if I wanna change the persons home address or status. Can You guys help by at least starting it off for...
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  • Jonas DK
    started a topic Need fresh eye's

    Need fresh eye's

    I'm doing a project for a class Im teaching next week, wanted to set an assignment that they should build a movie database project, and we are going to walk through this project I'm worknig on.

    Its an old prject I started on back in version 7.0 and now want's to finish...
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  • dctech
    started a topic Add text and upload Pictures

    Add text and upload Pictures

    Hey can anyone tell me or send me a way to have a database in my app where someone can enter peoples information as text and upload a picture of them. Its a database i want to build, where my secretary can enter new employees personal information and upload a picture of them. thanks for all the help...
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  • HLBterence
    started a topic SQlite Database sharing

    SQlite Database sharing

    Since SQlite is not a server based database, then how can individuals in a local network be able to share and work with the same database.

    Am looking at 1 individual updating customer details while 3 - 5 search for that information for follow up.

    Thank you
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  • ShadowUK
    started a topic FREE: MySQL Action Plugin

    FREE: MySQL Action Plugin

    MySQL Action Plugin

    This plugin is just to add functionality to AMS, I don't recommend using it in a program that will be publicly released.

    This plugin doesn't require LuaCOM as a dependency but it does use it. The plugin is around 300KB.

    Proof it...
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  • SQLite3 Action Plugin (free)

    SQLite3 Action Plugin for AutoPlay Media Studio

    This is A Lua module that Orginally written for Lua
    This module is ported to an AMS Action plugin

    Lua Version : Lua 5.1

    SQLite Version : 3.6.5

    Plugin Version :
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  • GangXtaBoii
    started a topic Archive-Attributes



    I have a simple - but for me very important - question. I want to copy my database (Access 2007) into the %ApplicationDataFolderCommon% (C:/ProgramData). This works - but the setup copies my database with Read-Only-Attributes.

    But in the File Properties I have selected:...
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  • ShadowUK
    started a topic [Free]: Database Action Plugin

    [Free]: Database Action Plugin

    Database Action Plugin


    Have you ever wanted to write something like a program with a user data system which saves and imports everytime you load your program? Or maybe you wanted to make a password saving utility or some kind of access database like program? Well,...
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  • ShadowUK
    started a topic Free Action Plugin: User Database

    Free Action Plugin: User Database

    Here's a bit of User management for you.

    Basically, You can add users, make sure there are no duplicate registrations, delete them, check if they are registered and authenticate people.

    It's a simple yet useful action plugin, Here you go!

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