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  • Suggestion: Page.Jump to current page

    Hi! I have some code in OnPreload/OnShow and I wanted to jump to the same page when I click a button to execute the code again (just like simluating a click on a button) without adding a new function for it. But it seems AMS does nothing when you Page.Jump to the same page. So I think the best and easiest...
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  • DJuse
    started a topic A very simple "HOW TO?" question!

    A very simple "HOW TO?" question!

    Hi guys, this may be very simple, but I just can't find the way to do it.

    If i have a project with 3 or more pages; how can i make so with the click of a button, I navegate or jump from one page to another and at the same time realized an action over an object on the destination page....
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