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  • Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver

    Dependency for the Visual Fox Pro ODBC Driver. This driver doesn't get installed anymore by Windows (Vista and up). It is required to read DBF-files included with ESRI shape files....
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  • Worti
    started a topic odbc insert

    odbc insert

    2 days later now.. and im still not able to insert something into the db.

    i have a postgresql DB with a user table and 3 columns (ID_users, username, Password) i use the odbc plugin from Ulrich.

    i can read the table and fill a grid. But if im try to insert something im...
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  • calbert
    started a topic ODBC Plugin Execute SQL Script

    ODBC Plugin Execute SQL Script

    Is it possible to execute a sql script using the ODBC Plugin? I need to execute the script to create the database and tables at the SQL Server. I know I could execute the script by calling sqlcmd or writing a c# app that could be called to create it, but I would like to avoid this if possible. Attached...
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  • ODBC installer creates wrong values in Registry


    I am evaluating MSI Factory and have encounter one big issue. When i use the ODBC part in MSI Factory and run the msi on a clean xp machine, the installer creates wrong values for "Driver" and for "Setup" inside the registry. Instead of the path to the driver,...
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  • FlyBoy
    started a topic Newbee needing ODBC help... Please

    Newbee needing ODBC help... Please

    I'm evaluating this product and I've hit a snag, probably because I'm not familiar enough with it. Help Please...

    I've written an install and am testing it on Vista 64bit. The install requires the setup of an ODBC driver and profile which I do in the Pre Install action (See Attached...
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  • Security issues regarding the ODBC Action Plugin

    Is there any chance, that the end-user could be able to extract the MySQL credientials from my program by using some kind of interference between MySQL Connecter/ODBC 5.1 and my program?

    I use a direct connection, and not a DSN, Is this a problem?

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  • KevinD
    started a topic Create ODBC Connection

    Create ODBC Connection

    I have created an installer which installs a scheduling program for a particular task. This is done using code in the Post Install actions.

    One of the other programs installed uses an ODBC connection and I am trying to get the installer to create this but without success. This code is...
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  • Worti
    started a topic Modify ODBC on the Screen

    Modify ODBC on the Screen

    Hi everyone.

    Great Forum :yes

    I now, its an old story, but is there a way to modify the system dsn during the installation?

    We need for Crystal Report an ODBC connection on every Client. But sometimes the customer have up to 250 clients. The problem is that...
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  • ODBC Action Plugin for AutoPlay Media Studio

    Hello all,

    the ODBC action plugin I was developing the last days is finally ready. I have set up a web page for it here, I ask you to check it for future updates.

    Here is the current announcement:

    “We developed an actions plugin compatible with Indigo...
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