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rexzooly x

  • kingzooly
    started a topic Helping hand

    Helping hand

    Hey guys could I ask for your help, with building BunnyHop I need a hand with a hand full of versions, here is what I need

    HDD Project Build of Trial 7
    HDD Project Build of Retail 7
    HDD Project Build of Trial 7.5
    HDD Project Build of Retail 7.5

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  • kingzooly
    started a topic MokoX [Source]

    MokoX [Source]

    I was looking about thought my old work and found MokoX, in the zip included in this post is the old plugin complied with Retesets old plugin builder, the example, two dll's for each source version and the source, also has not been tested.

    To load them as dll's
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  • gremlin
    started a topic GAME/Cyber Pet

    GAME/Cyber Pet

    This Bub from Bubble Bubble 3 Hero's
    this app is just a friendly cyber pet to show you want you could so with AMS
    I am working on more complex game ideas but I wanted to do something to
    get back in to the flow of this.

    Big thanks to:
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  • Getting Started with AutoPlay and other Products for N00bs

    NOTE These views are my own and may not be the view of other users or IR staff members, this is just a guide based on my point of view.

    Before we start posting on the forum, before even signing up what you first need to ask yourself is why, what, will I.

    Why do you...
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  • sim
    started a topic What are you working on?

    What are you working on?

    Hey IR people's

    OK I wanted to get the forum chatting little so I thought I better make a step cos if someone does not make a start no one will

    This is not for help its for telling people what we are working on, I will start.

    I am working on PriMail,...
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  • PriMail/PriSend Future and More

    What is PriMail and PriSent?
    A few of you already know or at lest know the basics of that these are but there are a few new members so I will try and explain.

    PriMail was a idea I had some time back for safe emailing and encryption and the way big brother loves to look in to peoples...
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  • sim
    started a topic Spirte Plugin Demo Alpha

    Spirte Plugin Demo Alpha

    Hey hey here is the demo for my plugin its no where near complete yet I need to fine tune the "Lazy" option and I still need to run a few more bench tests.

    What you need to run:
    Windows XP + 1gig + CPU
    At at least 512 ram
    Screen @ 800 by 600 or better...
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  • question about AMS speed and gecko tree tips

    Hello eveyone, as a past post as said I am working on Gecko Tree, it really just enabled users to script in lua but with the handly usablity of AMS as a windows/frame this is the
    easy part just tell ams to listen to the scripts and add some simpler functions to build the window but I was wonding...
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  • sim
    started a topic Script Applets Gecko - 0.2

    Script Applets Gecko - 0.2

    hey all, I been board and when making fast changed to programs I make I want to just test them on the fly ams when few plugins can sometimes take a few moments to start
    up, not bad if I am doing a bug change but when its a small script change I don't see the

    So What I...
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  • sim
    started a topic My Android app IPDroid

    My Android app IPDroid

    I was looking in to making a app that would Talk to a API that would push data to AMS from a android devices, Where this might be very possable I really quickly say there was no need for this as the ams app would have to be always listening to the server and all this and that and a call to call system...
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  • XSLIM Save Edtior Explorer/Collection Tool

    Hey all I have been working on this little tool well last night and today just a collection to where I can keep my save editors for xbox 360 but the simple config file image and exe calls it could be used for more then just that if you like to read more please do so

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  • sim
    started a topic Prisend - Sneek Peek x2

    Prisend - Sneek Peek x2

    Prisend App for the PriMail Service
    Prisend - the HTTP privet messaging system for windows and web.

    I showed little of this some time back without much details as I was not plaining to rush this, I meet a few legal problems also when talking to a few people about how I go about...
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  • Simply R - Aero (Version

    Hey everyone a few members saw a program of mine call Simply R some time back and wanted it, I said once I fix it I would think about releasing it as I really just made it for my partner, but I have updated it and now going to set up a google code page for it, this is only a beta the help section is...
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  • INI Function ... Am I wrong here?

    Hey all the INI function in AMS is it broken the standard INI function should not include commets in the return eg anything after ; in that line but AMS does :S anyone got a simple work around I was going to use String find and so on but I don't know how to limit that to end of the link.
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  • AMS Panels Version 1 Beta for AMS 8 SOURCE

    Hey all, many of you really liked this project and really really helped out and I never got around to completing it, and Retests plugin is better so I thought I would post the APZ for it, I am not sure if its the version I demoed a while back I changed it so many times a day.

    Use this as...
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