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  • Jules Graus
    started a topic Protecting video's

    Protecting video's

    Hello all,

    I am developing an application where i have video's in. Those video's are valueable and i don't want them to be used outside my application. Is there a way i could use the crypto actions to decode encrypted video files when they are needed?
    The main thing i want is...
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  • Using click & drag as a slider

    Hi all,

    I'm relatively new to AMS8 and have been tinkering and trawling this forum for tips etc.

    However, I have a project which scrubs through a video at the moment using another slider (not the control slider for the video object which is turned off).
    This works...
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  • Can't place image infront of Video object


    Any ideas on this, if its a bug?

    I have an image that covers the entire project window with some transparent windows, and I want to place a video object behind the image to give the feeling that the room is moving when you look through the windows.

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  • How to automatically close the startup video

    When using AutoPlay Media Studio 8 can anyone tell me how I can make it so the startup video automatically closes once it has played?

    At the moment the video just end but stays open. The user has to click the video to close it and then the menu is displayed... however users are not aware...
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  • macc
    started a topic Video Play control

    Video Play control

    I want to play a video object to a given point in time. when this time has elapsed and before the end of the clip or a further point in time, an action when click or key press jump (seek) another point in video or load and play nxt video. similar to old game DRAGONS LAIR.
    I am new to this forum...
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  • Audio control and video...need help

    I have a project that automatically loads (2) sound files when it starts...the first is an INTRO sound bite. The second is background music.

    I had to use some global functions to get this to work properly because I needed the audio in different channels. The INTRO...
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  • pookey
    started a topic video play help....any ideas?

    video play help....any ideas?

    I have a video that I've setup on a page for the user to play. The problem is that the video is just a black box. Is there any way to make it display the frame of the video that it is set to start on?

    I tried to capture the screen and then lay it over the video player in AMS but it...
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  • vcbear
    started a topic video problem

    video problem

    I have a tree which listed video name, when I click some Item , the video player then play the video.

    but now ,I have a problem , if I change click the Item of the tree frequently,

    my project crash!

    what's the problem??

    code in tree -- on...
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  • mimo
    started a topic why AMS is very slow ????

    why AMS is very slow ????

    i noticed that every educational project i tried to create using AMS is very slow and i don't know why ??. of course the project contains videos , images,buttons ..etc but even high graphic video games run faster than AMS . i mean when i press a button to jump to another page which contain only...
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  • Video Sound Problem - bug

    Hi, I'm still using the eval version of AMS, and so far it's awesome. One problem crops up repeatedly, however: sound cuts out during videos in the following scenario:

    I have 2-page projects. The first page has a video on it, the second page just some text and web links. If I run the...
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  • Memory leak when embedding SWF

    When I embed a SWF movie 640x480 into a project using APMS 7.5.1004 and play it back, after a few seconds I've noticed that the memory (as accounted for in Task Manager) starts to be used up dramatically. The SWF files are only around 7Mb to 17Mb, and yet hundreds of megabytes of memory are incrementally...
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