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  • Add Minimize Button to Windows

    Allow us to add Minimize button to Window (top right, next to Close button). Not a huge issue but would make screens look more professional. It does not have to be on a per-screen basis. It can be global to all screens in the setup.
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  • boku
    started a topic Resizing Page Issue

    Resizing Page Issue

    I have some objects on my page (duh) ... a grid which covers most of it, a label in the bottom left hand corner and a tiny web object in the bottom right hand corner.

    If I resize (max) the page, everything looks great, but if I then resize the page back again (restore) to its original...
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  • shadymetal
    started a topic disable alt+F4

    disable alt+F4

    hi all, i came with a new problem,
    well this seems simple but....
    all i want to do is to disable to close the window when "alt+F4" are taped
    i think i have to use the "on key" event ,i can use it with a simple key ,like "enter" ......but in this...
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  • bwalker
    started a topic Closing a dialog

    Closing a dialog

    I have created an install wizard series of dialogs, where I have stored a table of dialog names, and I call them in a loop.

    DlgCounter = 1;

    while (DlgCounter > 0) do
    DlgCounter = DialogEx.Show(DialogTable[DlgCounter], true, nil, nil);

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  • MigLeader
    started a topic help with z-order of window

    help with z-order of window

    hi there i am new here and i really loved this program it is amazing but i really have 3 questions:

    1- when my app opens (lets call it app1) it runs another app with it (lets call it app2) but app1 is always on top of app2 , i want app2 to be always on top app1 only. Note: (app2) is another...
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  • reteset
    started a topic Free WindowEx Action Plugin

    Free WindowEx Action Plugin

    This is a free action plugin and containing window related functions
    this is first release of the plugin and it may containing bugs
    Please report any bug on this post. its will be fixed
    i.m also accept your Window related function requests

    this plugin tested...
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  • Adam
    started a topic Example: Resize Runtime

    Example: Resize Runtime

    Attached is a sample project that will allow your AutoPlay Media Studio 6.0 runtime to be resized dynamically at runtime. To apply this example to your project follow these steps:

    1) Copy the contents of the "Global Functions" section of the sample project to the same location...
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