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  • Dealing with complex XML structures

    I am having the devil of the time using the XML functions to parse and/or update an XML script. For example, here are the first few lines. I am trying to retrieve and/or update the name of the SQL Server and database.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
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  • kingzooly
    started a topic XML GetValue Help

    XML GetValue Help

    Hey there I having some problems returning values from XML.GetValue when the Value is nested in another array.


    PHP Code:
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  • Stanislaw
    started a topic Working with XML files

    Working with XML files

    I am new to the forum and not advanced in SF, so I would appreciate your help very much.

    What I need to do is to insert a program path into my XML file after the install. Although I have already searched quite a lot I am having troubles with that. It works fine with INIFile.SetValue...
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  • calbert
    started a topic XML.InsertXML



    I have a XML file that represents a data set that does not contain any table records, it looks like the below:

    <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>

    I need to be able to add...
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  • bbelanger
    started a topic Modifying the Wix XML namespaces?

    Modifying the Wix XML namespaces?

    Is there a way to update the following from within MSI Factory?

    <Wix xmlns="">

    <Wix xmlns=""
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  • rosiedean
    started a topic Running a Lua script

    Running a Lua script

    I have followed the instructions in the MSI Factory help. I believe I have gone through every permutation that I could be doing wrong, and I still cannot get my lua script to run.

    Does someone have an example I could look at?

    All I want to do is modify an xml file post...
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  • alexsander_sc_br
    started a topic XML.Insert problem

    XML.Insert problem


    I am trying to use XML to store some data. I have this very simples XML file:


    So, I have this script:

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  • Ted Sullivan
    started a topic Module: LuaXML

    Module: LuaXML

    LuaXML provides a minimal set of functions for the processing of XML data in Lua. It offers a very simple and natural mapping between the XML data format and Lua tables, which allows one to parse XML data just using Lua's normal table access and iteration methods.

    Child elements and text...
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  • boku
    started a topic XML GetAttribute

    XML GetAttribute

    Hi guys,

    This is a snippet of my XM. I am trying to get the peak usage but it always returns blank. This is my code (and yes the XML is loaded before you ask )

    PHP Code:
    PeakUsed XML.GetAttribute("ii_feed/volume_usage/quota_reset/expected_traffic_types/type:1", &qu 
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  • sined
    started a topic Parse XML, Webservices and SQL

    Parse XML, Webservices and SQL

    Hi all,
    I works with Indigo Rose from three years.
    I thinks that their products are execellent.

    Otherwise, I think that there aren't some important feature and I hope that Indigo Rose developers could develope these.

    1. Plugin for parse XML with xPath
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  • How to RSS from youtube to a beautifull custom AMS app? HELP PLZ

    Hey guys,

    i have been gone for a while now.
    But still loving AMS :yes

    I have a problem with a program for a friend of mine. Its using the RSS feeds from Youtube, witch has a nice link and rss feed system.

    But, there is something i am getting stuck...
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  • BandTrumpet7
    started a topic Altering "Quiz" Template

    Altering "Quiz" Template

    Hey everyone,

    I've been messing around with AMS, and I decided I'd like to make a game based on the rules of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". So far it's been a success except for one little (major) problem, and that is loading the questions. (The lifelines are going to be...
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  • FarestCry
    started a topic Problem with an .XML - File.

    Problem with an .XML - File.

    Hey guys,

    I've got a problem - I want to get some data from a .XML-File that is stored in the internet.

    That's my code so far:
    Web.LoadURL("web", "http://sample.tomy.xml/2.0/?merhod=get&artist="..(artist).."&song="..(song).."");
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  • Set INI Value does weird stuff to .msifact XML

    We are evaluating a trial version of MSI Factory on a large app whose install has become unwieldy using InstallShield.

    It seems that as soon as we add a "Set INI Value" item to a component (or create a new component to set it) the output XML for the msifact file gets restructured...
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  • Online Media to Tree Menu to Media Player

    Ok this is the scenery,

    I have a list of WMV store on a server online, as well as some live television channles in the form of mms:// or mms://, etc. I need to populate my Tree menu with this URLs and then when double...
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